Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc., established in 2005, is an innovative, forward-thinking lab in Rogers, AR.  The staff members are embracing and shaping advancements in dental technology everyday.  Richard Dorsey was first in the nation to perform some advances in CAD/CAM implant design and surgical planning models, Richard has forged the way and with his innovative techniques has created cost-saving, more efficient ways to complete surgical pre-planning and provide guides to be used during dental surgeries. He recently was on the cover of LMT Magazine for his work in this area. 

Richard’s journey began in Tennessee in 2000 when he opened his 1st lab. He brought the discipline from being a United States Marine, the technological skills from working for TRW, the medical and strategic skills of his time as a firefighter and EMT with him.  The experience of apprenticing at another dental lab helped him to embark on this new adventure.  The path led to owning a lab in Texas, Tennessee and finally a lab in Arkansas.  Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc. was incorporated in 2005 and Richard married Angela Kleinsasser in 2006.  Together they grew a thriving business in Rogers, AR and soon expanded.  In 2013 a second lab opened in Fayetteville, AR.  In 2016 Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc. joined with Guided Systems in Palm Harbor, FL and created Precision Guided Surgery, LLC.  A third location of Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc. opened in Largo, FL in 2017

The CAD/CAM systems used by the lab include Nobel Biocare, Straumann, 3-Shape, Sirona, ZirkonZahn, Dental Wings, Decam, Rhino, CoDiagnostix and Solid Works. Six dental mills, ZirkonZahn 5-axis, Dental Mill 4-axis, Jensen, Wieland, and Sirona-4 and 5 axis mills execute the designs of the staff members at Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc. all of whom Richard has personally trained.    The lab also uses 3-D Printing, Stratasys and Envisiontec, to provide dental models and appliances for dental surgeries.  It is, by far, the most technologically advanced lab in the region.

About Richard Dorsey

Our Mission


The mission statement of Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc.
Our mission at Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc. is to grow and prosper by delighting our clients with the finest quality products; to create life-like restorations that have enduring beauty and superior functionality using expert craftsmanship coupled with the latest innovations and newest technologies in the industry. 

Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc.



We are the only Straumann Alliance Lab in Arkansas and the only Nobel Biocare Diamond Partner Lab in Northwest Arkansas. We accept iTero digital impressions and design restorations on the newest scanning equipment from Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Dental Wings. Trust your patients implants and restorations to a lab that is an authorized partner.  Protect yourself and your patients with genuine parts.  Obtain your parts and restorations from the true source, Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc.  

State-of-the-art technologies and the finest dental materials are used in our restorations.  We create beautiful, durable, precisely fitting, all-porcelain crowns.  We use the finest Noritake porcelain.  Hand-craft metal-based crowns, and pressed and CAD e.max restorations are also in our offerings which include restorations that fit every price-range .  From our economy line to full-mouth cosmetic reconstructions, we are your resource.  The X-Rite ShadeVision and eZ shade computerized scanning system help to provide a perfect shade match for your patients dental work.  

The future holds great possibilities for our industry and we look forward to working with advancements in digital impressions and the accuracy they provide.  Visitors are always welcome at our lab and we’d love to show you the latest technologies that we are putting to use. 

The Code of Ethics Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc.

We will be fair and truthful in our dealings with our customers, our co-workers, our suppliers and the public at large

We will continue to strive to improve upon all our endeavors
We will be forthright and honest in our dealings and relationships.

We will hold in high regard the growth, the success and the financial stability of our business.

We will act in a manner in which we can be proud and earn the respect and esteem of all concerned.

We will be aware and responsive to the changing world in which we reside. 

We will be an exemplary member of our community.

We will conduct our business with honor and dignity.

We will be responsive to the changing needs, preferences and desires of our clients.