PrecisionSmile protocols and explanation

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The PrecisionSmile process consists of these steps:

Patient Consultation
This is the initial step when the doctor determines if the patient is financially and mentally a candidate for full-arch restoration. We will need a CBCT, an impression capturing the full vestibule and photographs.
Pre-plan the case
We will pre-plan the case for ideal implant placement to yield the best result and review the case in an on-line treatment planning session with the doctor.
Guide fabrication
We will produce the immediate denture, an anchor pin guide, a surgical guide and a digital record device.
Surgery Date
Implant placement with multi-unit abutments and taking the records using the digital record device. Vanity denture is supplied from the impression capturing the full vestibule (see the Patient Consultation step). The doctor then sends back to the lab the record device, screws, bite registration and the closed tray impression with impression copings to process the temporary/final denture.
Construct Implant-Retained Denture
We produce a temporary/final screw-retained denture and deliver back to the doctor in approximately 72 hours.
Placement Date
Screw-retained denture is delivered to the patient. This denture is produced using FDA approved material that can be the patient’s final prothesis with an intaglio re-line after the patient’s follow up visit in 4 to 6 months.
Office visit summary
The PrecisionSmile process reduces the number of patient visits and eliminates chair-side conversion required to deliver the permanent denture and thus reduces cost. After the initial doctor/patient consultation there are only 3 visits needed. Surgery day, placement day and 4 to 6-month follow up.
The lab cost for the entire process including the denture (which is based on a Trilor substructure and milled Ivoclar BlueLine teeth) is $2700 (plus parts). Add to this $375 for the surgical guide and the entire process is $3075. Of course the patient can make an upgrade to the denture material/teeth which may add $1000 depending upon material selection. In reference to parts being additional the doctor would have to add the cost of impression parts, titanium temporary abutments, cylinders and multi-unit abutments.

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